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Who Are We?

  • The Canadian Church of God is a non-aligned multi-disciplined church that keeps the Ten Commandments and Holy Days.

    • The Holy Days are considered to be an integral part of salvation and shows that a Christian is maturing in the walk with our Lord Jesus Christ who led by His Example.
      • The Holy Days come in the package of seven, a number repeated in the Bible as significant for completeness. Therefore all are considered as one package to be kept.
      • The church follows the Jewish Calendar as a means of counting as God had instructed His people when he restored the appointed times.
      • The Church does not support any calendar controversy and subscribe to the fact that God had already set in place mechanisms for people to gather together without the need to resort to individual interpretations. See Bulletins for further discussion.
    • The Seventh Day Sabbath normally kept from Friday Evening to Saturday Evening from Sunset to Sunset is considered another vital part of obeying God's roadmap for a healthy well balanced human being.

      • The day of rest is a blessing to mankind and was instituted at creation so that people do not lose their minds from the exhaustion of working continuously without refreshing.

      • The Sabbath is a memorial to the true creator who graciously gave us a day as a picture of his plan of salvation. That is at the end of our labours here we look forward to a day of eternal blessing and peace.

  • The Canadian Church of God is affiliated with the Churches of God Outreach Ministries and share an active mailing list with them to facilitate bulletins, literature, counseling and many other ministerial services.

  • The Canadian Church of God welcomes visitors and is known for having many visitors every Sabbath Day. See our Services page for location and directions.

    • Services can include messages and Bible Studies, tapes from ministers with long standing service among the brethren and interactive fellowship meals and dinners from time to time.

    • Holy Day services are also occasions to meet several past friends as the attendance sometimes triple.

The Member Churches of the Canadian Church of God are affiliated with the Churches of God Outreach Ministries.

The Churches of God Outreach Ministries or CGOM for short is an evangelistic organization with a mission to spread the good news of God's soon coming kingdom to this earth and the eternal life that He shall bring to all who will accept it.

The Churches of God Outreach Ministries is a non profit organization developed by its member churches as an association of independent yet interdependent churches. Through this association the member churches are able to work independently in their local areas and in partnership with one or more of the other associated churches. Through this partnership the CGOM members are able to combine their strengths and talents so as to be most effective in large evangelistic efforts but also retaining the ability to respond to the local needs of the member church communities.

CGOM and its History

The CGOM association was formed on Sunday February 25, 1996 and further organized at the "Churches of God Conference" in Tulsa, Oklahoma on the weekend of April 12-14, 1996. The founding member churches sent representatives of ministers and elders to the conference with hopes that God would lead this part of His church to greater work in the gospel. It was at this conference that the spirit of the CGOM association was formed although a name for this group of associating churches was not developed until a later conference.

CGOM and its Work

"The Churches of God Outreach Ministries provides leadership, information, and biblical teaching in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Matthew 28:19-20"


Click on this link to the CGOM website where you can find more information, request articles and booklets to help you better understand your Bible and the Word of God and His plan for mankind.